“I’m only running the 50!” I found myself saying that to a lot of people the last two weeks before the Virgil Crest 100/50/50k. I did the 100 in 2013, signed up for the 100 in 2014 and dropped at 50 miles (dnf the 100). So this year I decided I was only going to run the 50 mile race. It’s still a long distance but I need a break from triple digit racing this year…I think 😉

It’s a tough course that challenges me the whole race. There‘s fast runnable trails. The climbs on the alpine loop are steep up/down and can break you if you let them. If it rains…it always rains at some point…things can get intresting. Rain was not really an issue for the 50 this year ; -) The hundred milers had their share of rain.

I finally got to run/talk with Cole Crosby(1st-8:10) and Silas Carey(2nd-8:24). Two fast runners from NY. Were all trying for the top spots but when your running with another runner in this sport you really have a nice time learning more about them and running. We all pushed each other and thanks for making me work hard for my 3rd place(8:44). Hope to see you both there next year…only the 50! 🙂

Thanks to Karen for another awesome crew job again – you are the real deal! Thanks Ian for another tough, challenging course…I hope you keep the hundred going…the ultra running community needs that race.

Keep moving forward friends! See you out on the trail soon;-)

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Mountain Peak Fitness photo of me finishing. http://www.mountainpeakfitness.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MountainPeakFitness

virgil crest the night before race

The night before the race. Me, Karen Blandford(Crew), Jo Kappus(50k) and Ron Kappus(50 mile)

virgil crest shirt

Awesome race shirt! One of a couple options racers of the Virgil Crest Ultra races / Newt Racing could pick. Why wouldn’t you want to do this race next year – YES YOU? Best race shirt ever…ever;-) #virgilcrestultras #itaintforsissies #rednewtracing

Race Website:  http://www.virgilcrestultras.com/

Finish Time:  8:45

Overall Place:  3

Gender Place:  3

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