I want to thank my family for the support I always get to train for these events. Thank you to my Pagoda Pacers Athletic Club family and other running family for always being there to train with me. Thank you Hoka One One for this great opportunity to be a product ambassador for an awesome shoe that I use and have believed in for over two years. And lastly, the VHTRC for one heck of an event!

After 8 starts at the Bull Run Run 50 mile trail race I finally made it across the finish line first. That sounds really weird to write or say but that is what happened on Saturday. My time was a little slower than the prior two years but I ran the best I could that day and that is what I wanted to do. Below is how the race went down for me.

3,2,1 and everyone is running. Right from the start of the race I was thinking to myself “I’m going to get out front and see what happens.” If you don’t go, you don’t know….right? So that is what I did until around the first aid station. At the first aid station the runner in second place did not stop for water. I filled up my water bottle and headed out. The third place runner was right behind me. I said, “If you want to go around go ahead” and in no time he passes me. After a quick bathroom stop I was about 30 to 40 yards back running my own pace. In no time I am right behind the two front runners and decide not to hang back but pass them. That was between mile 8 and 9 I’m guessing. From there I ran the rest of the race by myself. Early on I knew if I wanted to stay up front I had to run everything. The only parts on the entire course I power hiked were a couple of the steep hills in the Do Loop and that was to stop the burning in my legs from trying to run up the steep hills. Once I got out of the Do Loop without being passed I thought I had a good shot at staying in the lead but knew that can change quickly….never relax up front! With around 9 miles to go I tripped which made my right calf go into a cramp which caused me to fall to the ground. I had to use my left foot to push down on my right foot to release the cramp. I stood up took two S-caps, a gel and started running again. That was probably the 4th or 5th time at this race I had calf cramps over the last couple of years. The rest of the way, the cramp thing was always on my mind. I was hoping it didn’t happen again on a downhill. After a fill up of water and Coke at the last aid station the countdown was on. I had to keep moving and watch my footing. Rounding the turn on the flat section by the water and grinding up the last hill I made it to the open field. After about a hundred yards I looked back for the first time all day. I didn’t want to get passed there with less than a ½ mile to go 😉 This is the first time I believed I was going to finish first. WOW! I did it! Now the count down is on to the MMT 100!

Until next time – see you out on the trail and keep moving forward!
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bull run run 50 finish runner

Running into the finish – © 2015 Bobby Gill

bull run ru 50 team

Team: Three Sticks and a Chick – coed division winners © 2015 Bobby Gill David Lister, Ashley Lister, Jim Blandford and Michael Heimes.

2015 bull run run magazine

UltraRunning Magazine article

Race Website:  http://www.vhtrc.org/brr/

Finish Time:  6:55:30

Overall Place:  1

Gender Place:  1

Age Group Place:  1

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